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Sports Law

John B. Kern represents players, coaches, agents, clubs and national federations in matters involving contract and anti-doping disputes under international law.


Since 2005, Mr. Kern has acted as general counsel to the largest sports agency in Europe. Having drafted literally hundreds of contracts, multi-party trade agreements and sponsorship agreements, he provides an unparalleled understanding of the legal parameters of engagement in professional sports in Europe.


While representing sportsmen and women, Kern has succeeded as lead counsel in dozens of international arbitrations cases before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Lausanne, Switzerland), the FIBA Basketball Arbitration Tribunal (Geneva, Switzerland), and  the Chambers of Commerce & Industry of the Canton of Ticino (Lugano, Switzerland).


During the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Mr. Kern successfully represented a Kenyan track & field athlete originally denied entrance to the Olympic Village due to a challenge to citizenship documentation. After a suit was brought by Mr. Kern against the International Olympic Committee, the Rio Organizing Committee and the IAAF, that individual was cleared to compete in the Rio Games.


Mr. Kern has developed important insights on the legal foundations of  "Image Rights" of professional athletes and presented a speech on this topic before the Intellectual Property Law Institute of the State Bar of Michigan in July 2017.


In December 2017, Mr. Kern succeeded in eliminating more than 75% of the penalties originally imposed by a national sporting federation against an American professional athlete accused of using cannabis while the member of a sports team. 


Mr. Kern is also preparing the KERN SPORTS LAW DIGEST & REPORTER bringing international sports law matters to a single point of reference for lawyers and arbitrators. Publication is anticipated in 2018.

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