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Immigration Law


Since 1990, the United States has invited High-Net-Worth (HNW) individuals from around the world to become citizens through the EB-5 program tailored to provide immediate conditional permanent residency in consideration of a properly structured American investment of $500,000 or $1,000,000. Mr. Kern guides and advises investor-immigrants on the workings of this detailed program.


Beginning in 2001, Mr. Kern was local counsel and later lead counsel in a prominent case brought on behalf of 60 families to protect their EB-5 interests after the US government threatened to terminate their residency. Having worked with investors from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India, Canada, Italy Mr. Kern has advised many families of investors and those hosting investments.


In 2012 and 2013, Mr. Kern was asked by the Minister of the Interior of Greece to develop investment-based programs for residency and citizenship. HIs work resulted in a new statute providing for inbound investors to secure residency in Europe.


In November 2013, Mr. Kern addressed investors and their advisors at a major conference in Hong Kong on the subject of tax-related issues surrounding immigration to the US under the EB-5 and other similar programs. In June 2017, Mr. Kern will deliver a similar presentation as part of a panel at the Global Mobility & Tax Strategies Conference in London, England. (europe.globalmobilityandtaxstrategies.com).


In 2016, Mr. Kern represented a Californian developer in resolving a dispute that emerged with a group of disident immigrant-investors in Shanghai, PRC. The problems were resolved and the project successfully funded and situated in Lake Tahoe, California.

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