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2018 Sportsman's MBA

          You're always trying to replace that feeling that you have as a  

          professional athlete, and then you realize after two, three, four

          years that you're never going to replace it. There's nothing that's

          going to give you the same feeling you had jumping on the backs

          of your teammates or shaking hands after a win or any of those

          kinds of things. You're just not going to find it.


          That's when I guess you say to yourself, OK, well, you know what?

          I've been blessed with a time. But now it's a new time. I think

          that's the hardest part for all ex-athletes is just figuring out,

          what can you do? What can you do other than play ball?


Ron Darling, MLB Golden Glove Winner, in  How a Career Ends: Ron Darling Celebrated His 35th Birthday by Getting Cut..., Story by Rob Trucks, Deadspin.com


This year, John B. Kern International Law launched a program designed to allow professional athletes to gain a foothold on planning and managing their post-competition careers. The average football career is just 3.5 years; basketball  5 years and baseball 5.6 years. Mr. Kern and the Sportsman's MBA co-sponsors believe that more needs to be done to prepare professional athletes for their futures, after they stop competing.


This off-season seminar lasts for five days and allows personalized attention to the specific post-competition career needs and interests of athletes. Registration is limited to 28 seats per session. Spouses are invited to participate.


Plans are underway for the 2018 edition of the Sportsman's MBA, with one edition in Europe this year. We are examining the best location to assist our clients. 


Focused and small-group sessions are to be held on topics ranging from personal and professional skill development, business communications, industry insights and prudent investment strategies. Participants will gain new perspective on their professional opportunities and potential.


The Sportsman's MBA program does not constitute "legal services" or "professional employment" to be delivered by Mr. Kern.  Rather, it is an educational program addressing a decision-making approach to business and personal financial matters that may be encountered by athletes at the conclusion of their athletic careers.


See the attached brochure for details and contact us for registration.


A list of Co-Sponsoring Sports Agencies is found on the following page.

2017 Sportsman's MBA Brochure & Registration Form
2017 Sportsman's MBA Brochure Fillable [...]
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Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg, Austria  - This historic Schloss is one option to host our 2018 Sportsman's MBA - Europe Edition in July 2018.

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